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Professional Fireworks to HTML slicing

Most of the graphic projects delivered to us is done in the Photoshop, however, we feel comfortable in working with many other applications. One of them is Fireworks, often remaining in the shadow of the flagship product of Adobe, but with a variety of possibilities in relation to raster and vector graphics. We perfectly know that the graphics created in the Fireworks program represent a niche market and we do have resources which enable us to build well-organized, responsive HTML/CSS code. If you wish to professionally perform PNG to HTML coding, we are the right choice!

Coding PNG to HTML – a modern code in line with standards

We can admit that using Fireworks in the graphic projects becomes less and less popular and Adobe has stopped further development of that program, suggesting migration into other applications available. During many years of our experience, we were using this program several times, and each time a code based on Fireworks was of a perfect quality. Basing on our knowledge and practical aspects of an efficient code we are able to export Fireworks to HTML5 using the latest technologies and the best possible solutions.

If you decided to slice PNG to HTML with our company you are ready to get a professional code which will constitute a base element for a further development of your application or Internet website. Our code always displays properly on all of the popular browsers as well as on mobiles devices. Moreover, it is optimized in terms of loading speed and adapted for disabled persons. Last but not least, our code is compatible with Google guidelines, which is a base for obtaining top results in search engines.

Quality without any compromises!

All of the projects that we work on have to comply with our strict quality requirements. We verify the quality of the code in terms of functionality and technical aspects. We bear in mind the fact that the code we deliver very often is a base format for further works, therefore we always make sure that the code is comfort to work with for our recipients. Perfect Fireworks to CSS slicing means not only the satisfaction of the direct Client but also satisfaction of everyone dealing with the code.

PNG to HTML5 conversion – what should you expect?

You can expect that our conversion is always coherent and reflective, the HTML code is optimized in order to provide the best quality and legibility whereas the CSS code is flexible so all elements can be easily adapted to the content. We will analyze your project and offer you individually adapted solutions, thus the project will be properly displayed on both computer monitors and mobile devices.

Please take a look at our FAQ section available on this website or contact us directly. PNG to HTML coding is often called as Fireworks to HTML coding – it is our strength and you can count on our support!

Fireworks to HTML coding - frequently asked questions

  • Do you use only Fireworks while coding PNG to HTML?

    In general, we have to differentiate two types of PNG files: editable data files and flattened files. The first one with editable data is a Fireworks format and includes all information necessary for full conversion to HTML. The other one, is only a demonstrative file which does not have these information. We are able to work on two types of files, however, using flattened files involves potential limitations.

  • What are the limitations while slicing Fireworks to HTML5?

    While working with the flattened files, we does not have an access to the graphic layers of the template nor to the information regarding fonts. Also, there are no possibilities for exporting icons used in the project as vector files.

  • Is it possible to convert PNG to CSS of a flattened file?

    Yes, it is possible. However, we have to take into consideration potential limitations resulting from the lack of the source files. This type of projects should be discussed in advance in order to include support of a professional graphic designer.

  • How to professionally prepare files for PNG export to HTML5?

    First of all, make sure that the PNG file is not a flattened file. All graphic elements should be defined in separate layers, the text content shall be editable and single-colored illustrations shall be saved in the vector format. If the above conditions are not fulfilled, there is a chance that you only have a demonstrative file, which should be changed into a source file before starting the slicing process.

  • How long does it take to slice Fireworks to HTML?

    The time necessary to complete the project depends on its complexity. Usually, we are able to deliver the first page within 7 working days. However, there are some exceptions to that rule, especially with time sensitive or very complex projects. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us in order to discuss individually every project.

  • Fireworks is not a drop-down program, does it influence the code?

    Our every code is always hand-coded. Therefore, while slicing Fireworks to HTML you can be sure that we will use the latest technologies, even if you deliver us a code created fifty years ago. In other words, technology used in the source file does not impact the technology used for its conversion into HTML.

  • Does Fireworks export to HTML include the responsive versions?

    Of course. Excluding website versions adapted to mobile devices would be a mistake, which should not be made by professionals. We always include in our projects website adaptation for small screens without any additional fees. Moreover, our budget always include full support for Retina devices, however it is necessary to deliver us the source files in the vector format.

  • Is it possible to create a Wordpress template basing on the PNG file?

    Yes, it is possible. We specialize in creating individually dedicated solutions based on the Wordpress platform. This type of projects should be divided into two stages and separately evaluated in the budget. The first stage consist of a full PNG export to HTML whereas the second one includes creation of a functional Wordpress template.

Clients about us

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