PSD to responsive HTML coding

PSD to HTML graphics slicing – responsive in standard

For many years we have been working with PSD to HTML slicing. We managed to develop certain quality standards, however we are constantly searching, testing and working on the new solutions. Responsive PSD coding is a result of innovative technology changes and general popularization of mobile devices. It is a very complex process which sets high demands for the computer programmers.

PSD to responsive CSS coding – a foundation of Your project

There are many companies offering PSD to responsive HTML coding as an extra paid service. We believe that this type of service should be a standard. Unexperienced coders tend to stiffen some elements of the project, while building the CSS structure, which influences the final quality of the code. Nevertheless, the experts in the field of CSS are aware of the fact that all artificially stiffened elements have a negative effect on the code’s flexibility and at the same time, result in less comfort while accessing the website through mobile devices. In other words, working on coding PSD to responsive HTML we create a code which adjusts to the content and to the used devices.

Another important aspect of responsive website templates creation is adjusting them to Retina display devices. This specific type of devices is characterized with higher pixel density of the display. Lack of experiences in working with Retina display devices results in blurry and low quality graphics. Although it is not a feature of a responsive code, we have to remember that most of Retina displays are mobile devices. Attention to these little details shows the craftsmanship of the programmer and his respect to existing technologies as well as the ability to pursue the latest available techniques.

Our code is responsive and adaptive

There is a little but crucial difference between responsive and adapting coding. A responsive code automatically adapts to the screen width. While creating a responsive project we are able to define its maximum width below which a website will fill all of the space available. On the other hand, in the adaptive project we are able to define code’s behavior within chosen screen resolution. Basing on our experience, we know that both responsive and adapting coding have their advantages and disadvantages and therefore, it is hard to decide on one specific approach. In most of our projects, we use a mix of both, building an adaptive code for wide resolutions and fully responsive for narrow mobile devices.

PSD to responsive HTML conversion – trust the experts

We are passionate about coding and therefore constantly master various programming solutions and approaches. We can build a responsive code, basing on the fundamental CSS feature – cascading. We use a number of techniques which together with efficiently created styles and reasonably organized JavaScript support contribute to creation of projects which are legible in every environment; staring from the browsers through various devices ending with web crawlers and Internet users. Only a qualified and experienced professional can create truly responsive code because it requires common sense and ability to plan every element of the project.

We can offer solutions tailored individually to Your needs – we provide PSD to responsive HTML coding with great attention to detail, thus we can be sure that the code will perfectly meet even the most demanding conditions!

PSD to responsive HTML coding - frequently asked questions

  • Does slicing PSD to responsive HTML require preparation of mobile versions of the projects?

    If a graphic designer created versions of your project adapted to narrow screens, we will take them into account in our works. However, if you do not have such versions, we can prepare them for you, basing on our experience and knowledge.

  • Are responsive versions of the subpages paid additionally?

    We always try to avoid budget increase in case of responsive versions of subpages, providing that they are built using the same styles as the ones on the main version. If mobile versions require huge reorganization of the code or additional elements in the structure of the code, there might be a need for budget evaluation.

  • How long does it take to convert PSD to responsive HTML?

    Every project that we work on is being adapted to mobile devices, creating a responsive version of a subpage usually it takes 7 working days per first subpage and 1 working day per the next ones.

  • Is a responsive HTML code better than the adaptive one?

    The answer is not clear because the specifics of each project is quite different. As a default, we use a hybrid of the two approaches. However, to take a final decision we have to get into the details of a given project and know the Client’s requirements.

  • Does export PSD to responsive HTML5 includes Retina support

    Yes, we support Retina displays, it is our standard because we believe that using appropriate techniques designed for these devices results in a good quality of the code. We are perfectionists who always aim at the highest quality and the best techniques.

  • Do you test results of PSD to responsive HTML slicing on real devices?

    Yes, we always use real devices to conduct tests. We perfectly know that most of the situations can be easily tested simply by minimizing the width of the browser window. However, we prefer to conduct tests on real devices in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • What are the browsers compatible with responsive CSS code?

    In general, responsive CSS code is compatible with every browser on mobile devices as well as with most of the traditional browsers, some problems may occur only with very rarely used versions of the browsers.

  • Is there something like responsive JavaScript?

    Of course. However, we have to bear in mind the fact that the JS code is definitely more demanding for the browser than the CSS. We always try to make the code as light as possible and therefore, we use JS only as a last resort.

Clients about us

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  • delivered high quality work well within the deadline. They are very responsive and are flexible to changes and small extra requests on the go! Their positive 'can do' attitude in combination with their expert advice to use even better technology than we planned to do make me want to recommend them and work with them in the future. Thanks! Amsterdam, Netherlands
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