PSD to PrestaShop coding

Slicing PSD to PrestaShop – uncompromising quality

The process of transforming a graphic design to functional code that would be correctly interpreted by browsers is more complex than it may seem at first glance. Add to that the requirement for having a sales platform that meets our sales objectives and we are facing quite a challenge. A challenge that requires programming insight, as well as expertise that goes beyond, to other fields in webmastering. PSD to PrestaShop conversion is surely one such challenge, because doing the job correctly depends on the competences and dedication of the whole team.

Does success online depend on PSD to PrestaShop conversion?

Online success is comprised of many factors, starting with an idea as documented on a business plan, through its implementation, finishing with properly designed marketing. So is PSD to PrestaShop export the main success factor? Just like the best skier spreads his wings by combining the right skills, equipment and weather, so does success in ecommerce depend on a range of internal and external factors. Our impact on external factors is limited and we can only adapt to the generally valid principles. But internal conditions on the other hand are an element fully dependent on us, which is why it is important to utilize this potential to the maximum.

PSD to PrestaShop conversion is a binder that brings together the effort of designers and marketing activities. Much like any other binder, the programming layer should be an internally solid construct, making it reliable. When choosing a technology partner You need to be aware that the outcome of their work will be the fundament of Your business. Potential errors, seemingly invisible, may turn out lethal in the long run with respect to website maintenance costs, its Google ranking and future expansions.

Model standards and wide range of support

Our team consists of programmers specializing in many ecommerce integrations. Besides slicing PSD to PrestaShop we also offer support to various competing platforms, such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce. This extensive specialization testifies to our programming skills – we provide professional support in a quite narrow segment, whilst remaining very well updated on a wide range of available technologies. The simultaneous development into derivative, but strongly divergent platforms enables us to develop an optimal quality standard that all our clients benefit from.

PSD to PrestaShip conversion that deserves a medal

The many years of experience, our day-to-day cooperation with clients from various cultural circles and our perfect awareness of the changing tech trends are the intangible assets that testify to the quality of our projects. However, we need to keep in mind that it is the tangible assets that are our advantage – these include our extensive insight, good programming practices and constant self-improvement. The combination of these attributes enables us to fully honestly recommend ourselves as the perfect contractor for all PSD to PrestaShop conversion projects.

PSD to PrestaShop coding - frequently asked questions

  • Do I need PSD to PrestaShop conversion?

    If You have a graphic design for an online shop and You want it to be transformed into a functional online store, slicing PSD to PrestaShip is the service You need.

  • Does PSD to PrestaShop export cover mobile devices?

    Yes. Because mobile users are becoming a more and more important group, all of our projects are made responsive to them without extra charge.

  • I want to slice PSD to PrestaShop, how can I find a good partner?

    The choice of a contractor is a decision that brings many consequences, which is why it is so difficult. When choosing the partner in this field, ask each candidate about their awareness of the web standards, their knowledge of ecommerce technologies and ask about their practical experience.

  • Is it better to convert PSD to PrestaShop or to some other platform?

    The choice of the ecommerce platform should be made based on the business objectives of a specific business. However, if You have doubts in the matter, we can help You make the right decision based on our programming experience.

  • What is the cost of PSD to PrestaShop conversion?

    The cost is strictly related to the complexity of the project – the amount of subpages, the design’s correspondence to the default features of the platform and the project execution time. Our experience shows that it is difficult to provide a reliable cost estimate of the implementation without prior access to the graphic design and project documentation.

  • How long does slicing PSD to PrestaShop take?

    The project execution time is strictly correlated to its complexity. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantees until we know the details of Your project.

  • What devices will the PSD to PrestaShop export be compatible with?

    It is difficult to list specific devices or browsers, because their share in the market is changing over time. However, we guarantee model compatibility with devices that constitute minimum 95% of the global Internet traffic.

  • I noticed an error in the PSD to PrestaShop conversion, what now?

    All our projects are covered by a three-month warranty. Any potential errors caused by us will be fixed for free within several workdays.

Clients about us

  • I've been extremely wow'd by psdHTML's work and speed. Finished 90% of the work within hours of me deciding we needed to hire someone. Couldn't recommend them more, they're worth twice what they charge. Barcelona, Spain
  • Great experience working with They did a great job for what we needed in translating our AI files into HTML/CSS. On an ongoing basis, we needed a front-end developer to build our front-end directly into our Rails application. They were great at managing expectations and deadlines and very responsive. I would work with them again if I found myself about to embark on a new project and needed someone to convert my mockups into HTML/CSS. Great job with mobile responsive. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Incredible work from If you need a PSD converted to HTML/CSS, they are your guys. Timely, professional, awesome code, responsive and very professional. I will be looking to them for my HTML conversions. Quincy, Massachusetts
  • did a large project for us with amazing speed. Other quotes we received were 40+ hours but they did it in one day with extremely high quality. They are our new default for type of web work. Austin, Texas
  • They are brilliant! They did a great job in turning my design into a responsive layout, and I am really happy with the results. They did it real fast, professionally, and with great communication during the work. They even contacted me afterwards to make sure everything is ok. A great team to work with! I recommend them to anyone who needs this type of jobs. Thanks! Tel Aviv, Israel
  • has been amazing finishing the project on time with superb outcome. They are super coders for HTML5 / CMS. They hand written all script according to the specification with great speed. They are very punctual and flexible on requests on the fly. I am very satisfied. Highly recommend to hire them if looking for a super coder. Nashville, Tennessee
  • has done an outstanding job. Their coding skills are one of the best I have seen. They always meet deadlines and has a strong communication skills and constantly keeps me updated on the project. I will definitely be hiring them again. Thanks for the hard work! Middlesex, United Kingdom
  • Excellent understanding of project guidelines, fast and efficient HTML5 development, excellent at PSD design, superb customer service, will use again for future projects. Brisbane, Australia
  • is freaking awesome!!! One of the best CSS/responsive web guys I have worked with in the past. Their attention to detail is amazing. This was a tight project in terms of delivery dates, and they chugged along pretty fast without needing to consistently hand hold them or go back and forth on things. The stuff they delivered were always at par with our expectations and sometimes exceeded it. Will love to work with them again. Highly recommended! Austin, Texas
  • delivered high quality work well within the deadline. They are very responsive and are flexible to changes and small extra requests on the go! Their positive 'can do' attitude in combination with their expert advice to use even better technology than we planned to do make me want to recommend them and work with them in the future. Thanks! Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Excellent all around: best quality work I have seen for front-end development, very professional and pro-active by using latest technology and JS. Definitely recommend working with and certainly will again myself. Neuilly, France
  • has been incredible to work with. They're fast and thorough. They delivered more than I asked for and I look forward to working with them again soon. San Francisco, California