Privacy Policy


If you are reading this, then it means you value your privacy. We understand that perfectly, which is why we have prepared this document, where you will find the basics about how we process personal data and how we use cookies in connection with your usage of

First, a formal disclaimer – the website administration is Paul Wisniowski, owner of “Wiś Paweł Wiśniowski”, address: Wał Miedzeszyński 377, 03-980 Warsaw, Poland, tax identification code (VAT EU): PL1132689967.

If you have any doubts about the privacy policy, you can always contact us by sending us an email to .

Abridged version – key information

We care about your privacy, but we care about your time as well. This is why we have prepared an abridged version of the key principles regarding privacy protection.

  1. When you are sending us a form with the quotation request or when you are simply contacting us, even via the online chat, you are providing us with your personal data and we guarantee you’re your data remains confidential, safe and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.
  2. We order personal data processing only to reliable and trusted entities that provide personal data processing services.
  3. We use Google Analytics, which acquires information on your visits to the website, as well as the subpages that you visited and the time you spent on the website, as well as the transitions between specific subpages. Cookies’ files of Google LLC are used to that end for the purpose of Google Analytics.
  4. You may contact us directly via the online chat. JivoSite Inc. cookies are used for that purpose.
  5. We use our own cookie files so that the website can function properly.

If the above information is insufficient for you, you may find more details below.

Personal data

The administrator of your personal data as defined by the law on personal data protection is Paul Wisniowski, owner of “Wiś Paweł Wiśniowski”, address: Wał Miedzeszyński 377, 03-980 Warsaw, Poland, tax identification code (VAT EU): PL1132689967.

The aims, legal foundations and amount of time of personal data processing are identified separately for each data processing purpose (see: description of detailed goals of personal data processing presented below).


GDPR ensures the following potential rights tied to personal data processing:

  1. the right to accessing personal data,
  2. the right to correcting personal data,
  3. the right to removing personal data,
  4. the right to limiting the processing of personal data,
  5. the right to submitting an objection to personal data processing,
  6. the right to transfer data,
  7. the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority,
  8. the right to withdraw consent to processing personal data if you had provided such consent.

The principles of exercising the above rights have been described in detail in art. 16-21 GDPR. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with these regulations. What we believe we should explain is that the above listed rights are not absolute and will not apply to all of the personal data processing activities. For your convenience, we have made all the possible efforts into indicating the specific rights that you have with regards to specific personal data processing activities.

We would like to emphasize that there is one right that you may always exercise – if you decide that we have breached the personal data protection law when processing your personal data, you may submit a complaint with the supervisory authority (the President of the Personal Data Protection Office of Poland).

You can always also turn to us with a request to provide you with all the information that we have about you and what purposes we are processing them for. All you need to do is send a message to the address . However, we have made all the possible effort to assure that all the information you are interested in is presented exhaustingly in our privacy policy document. The email address presented above may be also used if you have any questions with regards to processing your personal data.


We guarantee the confidentiality of all the personal data you provide us with. We assure that we will undertake all the measures necessary for the safety and protection of personal data required by the personal data protection law. Personal data is accumulated with the due diligence and properly secured against being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Recipients of the data

Your data may be processed by our subcontractors, entities whose services we are employing when processing data.

  1. H88 S.A. – for storing the data on the server, including the email server,
  2. JivoSite Inc. – to use the online chat service system, which processes your data if you contact us via the chat,
  3. Web Innovative Software Sp. z o.o. – to use the invoicing system, which processes your data for the purpose of drafting an invoice.

All the entities that we order to process the data guarantee that they use the appropriate measures for the safety and protection of personal data that is required by law.

Because we use an online chat system provided by an American company, your data may be provided to the United States of America (USA) and stored on US servers. No need to be concerned however, as JivoSite has joined the Privacy Shield program, thus guaranteeing the proper personal data protection level as required by European law.

Data processing aims and activities


If you wish to receive a service quotation, you need to fill out the quotation form and provide the necessary data. Providing the data is voluntary, but necessary to receive the quotation.

The data provided to us when filling out the quotation form is used to send you the quotation, whereas the legal basis for processing them is your consent (art. 6, paragraph 1, point a of GDPR) resulting from sending the quotation request.

The contents of the correspondence exchanged in connection to the quotation may be recorded in the archives and we are unable to single-mindedly specify when it would be erased. You have a right to request us to provide you with a history of the correspondence that you had with us (if it was recorded in the archive), you may also request it to be deleted, unless it is recorded in the archives due to our higher-level interests, i.e. protection against potential claims made by you.


When contacting us via email, including when sending an enquiry via the contact form and when talking to us via the online chat, you naturally provide us with your email address as the sender of the message. Furthermore, you may also include other personal details in the message. Providing the data is voluntary, but necessary to establish contact.

In this case, your data is processed to contact you, whereas the basis for the date processing is art. 6, paragraph 1, point a) of GRPD, or your consent resulting from initiating contact with us. The legal basis for processing the data after concluding the contact is a justified goal of correspondence recording for internal needs (art. 6 paragraph 1, point c) of GDPR.

The contents of the correspondence exchanged in connection to the quotation may be recorded in the archives and we are unable to single-mindedly specify when it would be erased. You have a right to request us to provide you with a history of the correspondence that you had with us (if it was recorded in the archive), you may also request it to be deleted, unless it is recorded in the archives due to our higher-level interests, i.e. protection against potential claims made by you.

Cookies files and other tracking technologies

Our website, similarly as nearly all the other websites, uses cookies files.

Cookies are small bits of text stored on your end device (i.e. computer, tablet, smartphone), that may be read by our tele-IT system (own cookies) or the tele-IT systems of third parties (third party cookies).

Some of the cookies we use are deleted after you finish the browser session, that is after it is closed (so-called session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your end device and allow us to recognize your browser the next time you enter the website (permanent cookies).

More details below.

Consent to cookies

During the first visit on the website, you are going to see a disclaimer about using cookies’ files. You can always change the cookies setting from the level of your browser or you can delete cookies altogether. Browsers manage cookies’ setting in various ways. The auxiliary menu of your web browser has explanations on how to change cookies’ settings.

Keep in mind that turning off or limiting the use of cookie files may cause difficulties with using our website, as well as many other websites that use cookies.

Own cookies

We use our own cookies to provide proper website functioning, especially the proper functioning of the contact form and to assure security.

Third party cookies

Our website – much like most contemporary websites, uses features provided by third parties, which is tied to using third-party cookies. The usage of such cookie files has been described below.

Google Analytics. We use the Google Analytics tool provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. We act in this manner driven by our own, legally justified best interest, specifically the creation of statistics and their analysis in order to optimize our websites.

Google Analytics automatically records information on how you are using our website. The information acquired in this manner is most often provided to the Google server in the United States and stored there.

Due to the IP address anonymization that we activated, your IP address is shortened before being passed on. Only in very unique cases does it happen that the full IP address is provided to the Google server in the United States and then it is shortened there. The anonymized IP address that your browser provides to Google Analytics is not tied to other Google data as a rule.

Because Google LLC has a head office in the USA and uses US technical infrastructure, Google LLC has joined the EU-US-Privacy Shield program to assure the proper level of personal data protection required by European law. As part of the agreement between USA and the European Commission, the latter has declared that there is sufficient level of data protection in the case of companies that hold Privacy Shield certificates.

You can prevent Google cookies from recording data on your usage of our websites and you can also prevent Google from processing that data by installing a browser plug-in found under this address:

If you are interested in more details on Google Analytics data processing, we encourage you to read answers made by Google:

Chat. We provide you with the possibility to contact us via the online chat on the website. The tool is provided by JivoSite Inc., 1261 Lincoln Ave. Suite 208 San Jose, CA 95125, USA. The cookie files do not save any personal details. Technical information stored in the cookies’ is used exclusively for the proper functioning of the chat. JoviSite guarantees to respect the privacy of people using the chat. You can find details in the JivoChat privacy policy:

Server logs

Using the website means sending requests to the server on which the website is stored. Each request to the server is saved in the server logs.

The logs include among others your IP address, the date and time of the server, information on the browser and OS that you are using. Logs are saved and stored on the server.

Data saved in the server logs is not tied to any specific people using the website and is not used by us in order to identify you.

The server logs are exclusively auxiliary materials useful for website administration, their contents are never disclosed to anyone besides the people authorized to administering the server.

Clients about us

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