PSD to HTML coding

Professional PSD to HTML5 coding

Our main scope of activity is creation of functional HTML websites based on graphic projects designed in Photoshop. If you would like your graphic project to be prepared based on the latest technology and with attention to detail, you are at the right place – PSD to HTML coding is our core competency.

Graphics coding without compromises

We stand out from the others in the business with strict and meticulous approach to the code quality. If you decide to work with us, we guarantee not to torment you with thousands of questions regarding technical requirements. We are experts in this field, if you want your PSD coding to be done perfectly, leave all technical matters to us. Each graphic project is a vision, which can cause certain difficulties, our goal is to convert your vision into a coherent semantic HTML code. We do our best to make sure that our codes are well-organized and effective. You can be sure that the results of our work will appeal to the programmers as well as Internet search engines.

Our strength lies in huge experience and solid substantive foundations – we prefer to set the standards than to duplicate them thoughtlessly. Thanks to effective team work, we can produce layout coding keeping our highest quality standards. However, we are also familiar with creating individual solutions adjusted to more challenging projects.

Individual approach

Our team consists of professionals who are passionate about graphics coding, we are working on projects for huge corporations as well as for individual clients. We cooperate with various agencies and companies of different backgrounds, our projects are implemented in a broad spectrum of technological solutions. We treat every project as a possibility to discover new solutions and raise our standards. Through this approach our PSD to HTML coding is always of the highest quality.

PSD to responsive HTML5 conversion – why us?

As professionals, we know how to prepare a website which is user-friendly as well as browser friendly. We are perfectly aware of the possibilities and potential limitations of the mobile devices and know how to properly use them. The knowledge that we have extends beyond a standard graphics coding – we use solutions which are a step forward and try to prevent any issues which may arise.

Remember that we are always at your disposal if any further clarification is necessary – contact us via email or via contact form. In terms of PSD to HTML coding – our work is second to none!

PSD to HTML coding - frequently asked questions

  • What is PSD to HTML5 coding?

    “PSD to HTML” abbreviation consist of two elements: the first refers to the graphics project which is created in the Adobe Photoshop program, the second element refers to the output file in HTML format which is properly interpreted by Internet browsers.

  • Is it necessary to convert PSD to HTML?

    Yes – it is one of the stages which cannot be skipped in the process of website creation. PSD to HTML conversion combines the graphic layer with the programming layer. Therefore, it is important that this stage of work is conducted by qualified professionals.

  • Why not to use the automatic PSD to HTML5 export?

    Photoshop enables us to use an automatic export of the sliced layout, however the functionality of this tool is not satisfying. Graphics software do not interpret the content or define the relation between certain elements nor it determines their hierarchy. It is necessary to use the knowledge of a qualified professional.

  • Why it is worth to hire a professional coder in order to convert PSD to HTML?

    We are experts in this field, aware of the possibilities and potential limitations of Internet browsers, systems and devices. We know how to create a structure which not only will be user-friendly but also clear to programmers and Google robots. We are able to adjust the latest available technologies to your needs and provide you with our original solutions to many potential problems.

  • How long does it take to export PSD to responsive HTML?

    It takes us 7 working days to convert the first page and 1 day per the next ones. It happens quite often that we have to deal with the projects which are required to be done “asap”, however it has to be discussed in advance to make sure whether we can reorganize our working schedule.

  • Do you work with other graphics files?

    Yes, we do. Most of our projects are created in Adobe Photoshop program, but we feel comfortable working with many other applications. Thanks to our huge experience we are able to code graphics created in programs such as: Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks and Sketch.

  • Except PSD to responsive HTML5 coding do you provide other services?

    PSD to HTML coding is our core competency and we prefer to focus on this specific field, constantly raising our quality standards. Working for many years in the IT resulted in a number of contacts with companies operating in related areas of business and we are always eager to recommend our partners.

  • Do you code PSD to Wordpress?

    Yes, it is worth noticing that we divide such projects into two stages: first we do the classic PSD to HTML coding and as a result a created code is implemented as a fully functional Wordpress template. Moreover, we are dealing perfectly with creation of dedicated solutions based on Wordpress system.

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