Slicing PSD, layouts and templates

Slicing PSD webdesign to HTML

Building websites in HTML format, based on Photoshop projects is one of our core competencies. In general, we convert PSD layouts to HTML, creating high quality websites promptly and with competitive financial terms. Our experience, passion and ability to adjust to the Clients’ needs – all that contributes to meet Your greatest expectations.

Complex layout slicing

PSD slicing is always done in a comprehensive manner – we start with defining the Client’s expectations. First of all, You have to send us the files which we convert into HTML format, in this way we are able to estimate the project value and set the time frame for final project delivery. Bear in mind the fact that our goal is always Your satisfaction. The coding must be effective and general look of Your website has to meet Your expectations. Therefore, it is very important that at the early state of our cooperation You provide us with any additional instructions which could make our work hundred per cent effective so the final outcome is tailored to Your needs.

We have long-term experience, our team of professionals is a combination of various working styles and approaches which taken together with the usage of different innovative tools contributes to the highest quality of our work. All this, as well as our commitment and an extensive knowledge of the PSD to HTML coding enables us to undertake more complicated projects and ensure the highest quality of higher complexity PSD to HTML conversion.

What are the results of our works?

We are fully aware of the fact that when You send us your graphics, You expect to get the best possible outcome. Website slicing is our core competency and we ensure professional realization of Your project, adjusting it to Your needs as well as future website users and Google search engine. Adequate optimization of each subpage and precise slicing of the templates is the key to a perfect website – we always have that on mind and, therefore, our PSD to HTML slicing represents the highest possible quality.

PSD to HTML slicing – what are Your benefits?

You can be sure that your website will be adapted to the users and Google robots, responsive and adjusted to various devices such as mobile phones, tablets; all of our projects are intuitive, esthetic and well-functioning. We provide our Customers not only with the templates’ conversion, we are also experienced in SEO and UX websites optimization so as a result, the website is active and keeps the users returning.

If you would like to know more about our services – do not hesitate to contact us. Layout slicing is our mission, we ensure effective and trouble-free PSD to HTML coding.

PSD slicing - frequently asked questions

  • Why do we call it “PSD slicing” instead of “PSD coding”?

    Originally, the “slicing” referred to a knife tool used in Adobe Photoshop. This tool was developed especially for the ones who create HTML/CSS code based on a graphic project. As for today, this expression sounds quite archaic, because a professional coder uses a wide range of various tools instead of a knife. However, “slicing” is still in use due to lack of a better substitute.

  • How long does it take to convert PSD to HTML?

    Usually, we reserve seven business days for the slicing of the first page and one business day for each of the following subpages. Effective work time planning enables us to focus individually on details in each project. Of course, we are able to work under time pressure if a given project is time sensitive.

  • How does the modern layout slicing look like?

    Most of the graphic elements are created with the help of clear CSS code in order to ensure the highest possible efficiency. Additionally, we always remember about the mobile devices and try to rely, as much as possible, on vector format images which are simpler to operate and look much more interesting.

  • Do you provide only PSD slicing or do you also support other formats?

    Usually, we work on PSD files created with the help of Adobe Photoshop application. Nevertheless, we feel comfortable working on projects based on other applications; for instance, Sketch, Illustrator, Indesign or Fireworks.

  • Is it possible to convert JPG to HTML?

    Yes, it is possible. However, we have to take into account the fact that the lack of layers in the file may cause some limitations. In such case, we recommend You to contact us in advance in order to discuss together any possible problems which may arise.

  • Do you provide PSD to Wordpress slicing?

    Of course! We have a huge experience in working with this system. If You are not satisfied with PSD to HTML slicing and would like to have an exclusive Wordpress template we are ready to take on the task and convert the graphics directly to Wordpress.

  • Do you require any additional materials to PSD conversion?

    In most cases, well prepared PSD file is enough. Please remember to avoid flattened layers and make sure that all texts are editable and the icons saved in vector format. We would like to receive the source files with custom fonts used in the project and contact details to the project’s author.

  • Do you use JavaScript while working on layout slicing to HTML?

    JavaScript gives us various possibilities which are not achievable on HTML and CSS level. We use JavaScript in every project in order to ensure the best possible code functionality, but also bear in mind its limitations. If needed, we are ready to offer you a wide range of our original solutions concerning JavaScript.

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